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Toronto Communities Profile: Danforth-Danforth Village-East York E03

Danforth is home to Toronto’s Greek community, also known as Greektown. The Danforth is the largest Greek neighbourhood in North America and one of the most cosmopolitan areas of Toronto! The neighbourhood is alive with interesting restaurants, boutiques, shops, markets, cafes, and a host of wonderful experiences. Though the east end’s main thoroughfare has long been known for two things: Greek food and the Taste of the Danforth, over the past many years, homebuyers drawn to the subway line have slowly turned the long strip of two-storey brick buildings into a bustling neighbourhood that has attracted a rich selection of fine shops, independent coffee houses, Thai joints and haute cuisine restaurants. The Danforth has reached a wonderful maturity.

The single most important event in the Danforth’s history came in 1919 with the completion of the Bloor Viaduct bridge over the Don Valley, finally connecting the Danforth to the City via Bloor Street.

First inhabitants to the new lower middle class suburb of Toronto were mainly immigrants from England, Ireland, and Scotland. In the 1950s an influx of Italians came to the area, followed by Greeks and other immigrants in the 1960s. In the mid-1970s second generation Greeks and Italians moved to the outer suburbs, while children of Anglo-Saxon suburbanites, attracted by low real estate prices and closeness to downtown Toronto (the Bloor-Danforth subway line opened in 1966), returned and launched a major wave of home renovations and restoration in the area.

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