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My story is not unique, but it is a word of warning to all of you that think you can sell your home without a great team. I had the idea to sell my home privately. I had a very interested tenant an... - Don Zablotny

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You know that couple on Green Acres… “Land spreadin’ out so far and wide Keep Toronto, just give me that countryside. I adore a penthouse view Dah-ling I love you but give me (High) Park Avenue”... - LIANNE AND NICK C.

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After a few years of finding our ways here in Canada, we were blessed with a boy and realized he needs a proper home to grow up. That was a time when we decided to call Bosko to help us find our first... - Dragica & Vojo B.

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Bosko, a big Thank You for all your guidance and support over the last few months while I have been searching for a successor for the business. I trust your opinion and advice as if you were family an... - Jack Ilios

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