Client Testimonials

By: Oren & Miriam L.

Agent Bosko is a top notch professional. Not only was he very knowledgeable about our building and the market in general, but he invested the time up front to really understand our needs and challenges. Once listed, he worked tirelessly to market our property, resulting in huge interest and a healthy number of credible offers for us to select from. His support during the negotiation phase was also critical to us in making the best decision possible. When Bosko says he will do something, he always follows through. We could not recommend him more highly.

By: Michael D. Toronto

Awesome Job, the professionalism has been top notch and thank you once again.

By: H.Y. Toronto

Amazing job Bosko! So much work and attention to detail went into the marketing strategy for this property, and it paid off! Not only was Bosko able to find us A+ tenants, but managed to sell the property with the lease agreement! Very happy with the outcome!

By: Lance Martin, Toronto

Bosko did a fantastic job! I highly recommend working with him!

By: Joan McMillan, Toronto

I found Bosko to be a dedicated professional agent. His hard work and thorough exposure definitely expedited the sale of my condo. He definitely has my highest reference as an ideal Real Estate Agent!

By: Dr. Dan H. Toronto

It has been a pleasure to have had Bosko represents us. He has made the process of selling a positive one due to his professionalism as well as utilizing so many tools with the goal of obtaining the best results. I would not hesitate in recommending Bosko to everyone. Many many thanks.

By: Sandi Reid, Toronto

We were so lucky to have found Bosko! This was our 1st interaction with him and it was a pleasure. He was knowledgeable about the current market behaviour, experienced in managing the process and very patient with my elderly mother in explaining the situation and changes in the situation. He was proactive in managing the condo sale and inspection of the condo before sale and follow ups with the other agents after viewing. The current housing market is a difficult one for sellers to navigate so it was reassuring to have Bosko and his marketing team guiding us through this while allowing my mother to make informed decisions for which I am grateful for. Bosko is very personable, easy to work with, humorous, professional and will continue to keep him in mind for any future home transactions.

By: D + K

Bosko has been a friend for decades and we didn't hesitate to contact him the second we decided to sell our Toronto home and look for a new one. We were amazed at how communicative and available he was 24/7 and how thoughtful he was in his approach to strategizing the sale and staging of our space. He brought in his amazing team to get the job done and we were so pleased with the results. Having the power of the Sotheby's operation behind him amplified the message of our sale and we would work with them again in a heartbeat. Bosko, thank you for selling our home and helping us to find our wonderful next chapter.

By: Darija V.

Bosko is not only my dear friend but also the best agent you can wish for if you want to buy or sell your property. He is consistently delivering over and beyond my wildest expectations. When I was selling my Toronto home Bosko secured way more money than I could ever imagined for a 40 years old home which secured me being able to purchase my lovely home in Niagara region. More recently I wanted to invest in Toronto market and I contacted Bosko. He listened carefully to what I am looking for and he was super diligent to find a condo unit not only as potential investment but maybe down the road as place where I could call home. It was a difficult task to marry those two wishes but with his expertise and keen eye for details and after a marathon weekend seeing 8 properties we landed on my dream condo. Bosko was not only able to make my offer the strongest offer in a bidding war of 5 other offers on the table but he also personally kept updating me on the process. If you want highly professional service, exceptional expertise which Bosko built over the years and have the most personable and approachable and responsive real estate agent you have it in Bosko. You will be lucky to call him your agent and believe me, you will not be disappointed! I can recommend Bosko's services without even the slightest hesitation. He is top of the class!!

By: Kelly M.

Bosko is the best agent I’ve ever worked with. He has deep knowledge of the real estate market and he takes the time to understand what his clients want. He is extremely thorough and is always available to answer questions. He helped me in every part of my buying and selling process from understanding my needs, doing research, and showing me great properties. His expertise and advice helped me make the best decision for selling my condo and purchasing my new home which I love. Even after my home closed, he continues to keep me apprised of listings on my street. Bosko was so easy to work with and his level of service, expertise and passion for real estate makes him best in class. He also has a great sense of humour so seeing listings with him was always fun. I would recommend him to anyone who was buying and selling a home.

By: Hala Y.

Bosko was referred to us by our real estate agent who had moved away during the pandemic. And we owe her a big thank you! We were in a situation where our longtime renters were moving out of 2 properties we own, and we needed to find new ones fast. In a rental market which was not favourable to owners, he managed to find us great renters in a short period of time. His vetting process was very thorough, which gave us peace of mind. He even managed to negotiate a very competitive rent price for our units! Couldn’t be happier about that. We also had the opportunity to buy a property with Bosko as well. He was able to find us a gem in the rough! He even took time out of his schedule to meet with contractors for us, and facilitate things with the lawyers! Really couldn’t ask for better service. I would recommend Bosko in a heartbeat to anyone looking for an honest, genuine and resourceful realtor. He’s one of the good ones!

By: Joe A.

When the COVID pandemic hit I made the decision to uproot from a small condo and find a home outside the city that fit my lifestyle. Bosko took the time to understand my needs and help me explore different areas, ultimately recommending a "hidden gem" of a town that I hadn't previously considered. We looked at a few homes in that town and fell in love: with the area, with the neighborhood, and with one particular home. Bosko helped me buy that home and settle into my wonderful new life of fresh air, open roads, and space. I've worked with Bosko for 10+ years and would work with him again for any home purchase or sale. Best agent ever.

By: Lisa G.

Bosko has been my real estate agent for several years and he has helped me buy and sell a condo in Toronto. When I bought my condo I was moving from overseas and I had to find a place quickly. Bosko was referred to me by a friend and despite his busy schedule he dedicated an entire week to showing me condos. He found me the perfect place and he exceeded my expectations in every aspect of the process. Six years later Bosko helped me sell my condo during difficult market conditions and I was once again extremely impressed by him. Bosko goes above and beyond for his clients. His marketing is exceptional and he works incredibly hard to get the best result. He is a pleasure to work with and a terrific negotiator. I would recommend Bosko 100%

By: Adam + Nina K.

As first time homebuyers looking to purchase during one of the most aggressive times in the Toronto Housing Market (so far) my husband and I were a bit scared that we wouldn't find a place that would be what we were looking for. Bosko, and the team he connected us with, made what could have possibly been the most stressful and scary experience seamless, smooth and speedy! We went from a pre-approval through his recommended mortgage broker in mid-Jan to just one lost offer, 10 total home visits and we won our second offer on our First Home in a desirable area in Etobicoke all within a month! We did not over-pay, Bosko was able to negotiate fair and reasonable conditions (which in this crazy market was amazing to think about as a Buyer) and it was a place we loved. His knowledge and expertise came in handy every step of the way and somehow, again, in this market we ended up with a little more money in our pockets than we thought- perfect to reinvest into our first home. Thank you Bosko and team for helping us find our first home, and making us feel confident and as calm as possible along the way! I would 100% recommend Bosko for any stage of the home buying and selling process, first timer or seasoned pro - he's your guy!

By: Joe A.

I’ve worked with Agent Bosko to both buy and sell various homes. I would work with him again in a heart-beat. He is always professional, knowledgeable, and data-driven. Bosko can manage difficult sales conversations better than anyone I’ve ever seen. There’s no one I’d rather have handle my real estate needs.

By: Niki & Hisurn H.

When my husband and I were ready to make the move from our downtown condo and find our forever home, we called Bosko. I had the pleasure of working with Agent B a few years ago and knew first hand, not only how well he knew the market, but how well he worked with his clients. So when our time came, we made the call. Bosko came to us with research, data, questions and answers from which we collectively discussed our selling strategy. From setting a price, closing dates and details, to staging and marketing, Bosko was able to align everything we needed to confidently, and excitedly, list our condo. Within three weeks we were on the market - and started biting our nails. Bosko, on the other hand, was working in the background, continuing his research, talking to every agent that showed our condo for feedback, then was on the phone with us to keep us informed every step of the way. We anticipated the stress of going through a sale - keeping the premise pristine so it's ready to show at any time, anxious for feedback and hopeful for an offer every time a potential buyer walked through - but when we actually experience it, we were grateful we didn't have to go through it alone. I believe that's one of the things that sets Bosko apart - we never felt abandoned. Bosko was in constant contact with us, talked about strategy, next steps, timing, and his experience and expertise, not to mention good humour and positive intentions, relieved the tension. We we got an offer, and believe me, you think you're prepared for that moment, but you're not. Suddenly things like conditions, timelines and closing dates all compete with your wits, and no matter how many scenarios you created, the one that's offered is the only one you didn't think of. So having Bosko, who all along was paying attention to our needs, and desired outcome, was the rational partner we needed to negotiate and close for us - to get what we wanted - and not just to close the deal. After the excitement and celebration of selling our condo, we had to turn our energy from being seller to buyers. Bosko lined up a day of house viewing that ticked off all our "wants", and even some that didn't, just to help us exercise our possibilities. And when none of those houses felt like home, there was no pressure, only encouragement, that when we walked through the front door, "we would know". One Saturday, my husband and I went to an open house, and when we walked in, we knew. The very first person we called was Bosko, and he was the there the very next day to see it again with us. He talked to the selling agent, learned what he could from her, he talked to us to learn that this indeed was a home we were ready to buy. They were talking offers in two days, so Bosko got straight to work. While we combed over the photos we had of the house, Bosko researched, calculated and talked to us consistently about our offer strategy. He recommended a mortgage agent and got all the wheels in motion. His challenge was trying to valuate the house in a neighbourhood that no one has moved in our out of in over 5 year, because it truly is a "highly desired neighbourhood". We met, 48 hours later at the realtors office to submit our offer. Before he walked in, we talked again about the process, the offer price, and most of all, if there should be a bidding war, our threshold. Once again, he provided sound advice in a time when emotions and desire could lead you to decision you didn't want to regret. Bosko's intention was to ensure our offer was something we felt good about. After (what felt like hours) of negotiations, Bosko came out to us with the amazing news - they accepted our offer, and Bosko was able to keep it under our threshold. You'd think the story ends here, but until the day we got the keys, Bosko kept the momentum going to ensure all the closing details went smoothly and was always at the end of the phone. I recommend Agent B to anyone buying or selling. His expertise and knowledge expands from downtown condos, to homes in the suburbs, and everywhere in between. He is well researched, has a wealth of knowledge, provides confidence and guidance. There isn't a step he misses, thinks of every small detail and provides resources and recommendations to help guide you and set you up in the best way possible. For most people, this is the biggest decision in your life, the most money you will ever spend, and that comes with a lot of uncertainty, fear, excitement and commitment. Having an expert to advise and help you navigate though all of it, turns a potentially stressful, uncertain decision into an exciting experience. We've been in our home for 6 months now, and there isn't a day that goes by that my husband and I say how happy we are and how much we love our home.

By: Michelle S.F.

Bosko has been my real estate agent for over 10 years - he's helped me successfully buy and sell my last four homes in the GTA. What I appreciate the most about Bosko, is he takes the time to really understand your needs. Buying and selling a home is such a personal journey and he's invested in it, just as much as you are. I trust his counsel as he takes the time to thoroughly research and provide thoughtful suggestions and recommendations. His attention to detail throughout the entire process is impeccable. He is always around to chat through ideas and help answer any questions I have. He truly takes the stress out of buying and selling a home!

By: John K.M.

Agent Bosko is as good as it gets. We purchased an Etobicoke condo during the spring/summer of 2019. We met on-site 4 or 5 times, from the presentation period through the sales paperwork through pre-close access. Several supportive phone calls occurred throughout, even after closing, to make sure our transition went smoothly. It doesn't hurt that he is knowledgeable of the market in general, pleasant and honest with seller and buyer. Reaching a mutual agreement happened very quickly. Rating = 10/10.

By: Don Zablotny

My story is not unique, but it is a word of warning to all of you that think you can sell your home without a great team. I had the idea to sell my home privately. I had a very interested tenant and I thought that would be the easy route. His offer seemed fair. I thought it would save me money and hassle of having to live in a staged home. Not the mention the work of packing up all the clutter, paying agent Fees etc. In the end I was talked out of going that route, and it ended up being the best thing I could have done! If it was not for Agent Bosko & his design team Chichi Fringo Designs I would have actually LOST money selling my home. A LOT of money. The money from my home was going towards my retirement and so it was a very stressful, emotional time, especially considering my tenant turned nasty and Agent Bosko had to tactfully deal with him also. I did not know the true potential I had to make money until they skillfully transformed my home and sold it for WAY over asking. If you think you will come out ahead selling your home alone - Think again. Agent Bosko was very skillful, thorough, and professional from start to finish and was instrumental in guiding me through this process.

By: Dragica & Vojo B.

After a few years of finding our ways here in Canada, we were blessed with a boy and realized he needs a proper home to grow up. That was a time when we decided to call Bosko to help us find our first home. Being first-time buyers we thought buying a home will be rough experience but Bosko made that to be completely opposite. He and the phenomenal team that supports him helped us to find a perfect home for our family, organize financing, moving and so on. Being inexperienced in the market at some point we thought we should go for a property that is compromising but, wisely enough, Bosko steered us away from a wrong path and pointed us into a direction, we realize now, was perfect for us. After two months of settling in, we finally found some time to express our gratitude on these pages too and definitely recommend Bosko as the best person to help anyone to find their perfect home. One more time, Bosko, BIG thank you and all the best to you and your team. We really enjoy our home and feel like we lived here for years already.

By: Sylvia W.

I am currently using Bosko for the sale of a second property since my first experience with him was so fantastic. He truly loves what he does and it shows. Bosko took the time to develop a thorough understanding of my property and my particular situation. His excellent knowledge of real estate, the Toronto market and many outside factors that needed to be considered resulted in a superb marketing plan and a great sale experience. He took the time to educate me at every stage, making me an integral part of the process. I learned so much and as a result I had a clear understanding of the process and the decisions to be made. I always knew what was going on and felt confidence in our plan.
One of Bosko's best skills is integrating all the information and strategizing, which he involved me in as well. Bosko is a real people person and developed good relationships with other agents we were dealing with - a real asset when selling a property. We ended up in a difficult situation during the sale (not our fault, but the sale could have fallen through). Bosko calmly guided me through the options and listened to my ideas and after many strategy meetings, we were able to work out a solution that satisfied all parties and the sale went through. I’m not sure other agents would have the people skills, knowledge, flexible and creative thinking or interest to be able to work through a situation that seemed impossible at times.
Aside from doing such an excellent job, I found Bosko to be great fun to work with. I looked forward to his regular calls - even if there wasn’t an offer attached. He’s also tall and doesn’t mind changing the odd out-of-reach lightbulb.
For a great Real Estate experience, I strongly recommend Agent Bosko.

By: Tony F.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Agent Bosko. He is a man of great integrity, honest and hard working. When I started the process of finding a realtor, it was easy to find residential agents, but to sell my 6,000 square foot commercial bakery, was a lot harder. You need a person who is committed and knowledgeable, as business deals are a lot more complex and time consuming. It is not easy to find the right buyer, as every home baker thinks they can own and operate a bakery. Agent Bosko screened every potential buyer before they were allowed to tour the facility. That alone was a great help as it can be quite disrupting to the production and staff. Bosko and I spoke almost every day going through all the options and potential issues that may arise with a prospective buyer. He always kept me informed of any new developments. When It came down to dealing with the fine people who bought the bakery and their representatives, Agent Bosko became superman. He dealt with the accountants on both sides to bridge any gap that there may have been. He was emailing and calling both lawyers to make sure the paperwork was being done with efficiency and in a timely manner. In fact when the buyer's lawyer was not returning calls or emails, it was Agent Bosko who effectively became a lawyer and put the paperwork together to make the agreement binding. Without a doubt in my mind, if Agent Bosko was not my realtor this deal would not have been consummated. Thank you Bosko, because of you and your hard work, I can now spend quality time with my family.

By: Fiona C.

I was referred to Bosko by a friend knowledgeable about real estate. While I trusted my friend, I knew nothing about Mr. Scepanovic except what I researched. His resume is impressive but run don’t walk to meet this individual! A consummate Professional, compassionate, a nose for business, fair, approachable, practical, funny, unflappable are just a few descriptors. You want this man in your corner every time. I had a poor history with staging homes. He coaxed me and gently showed me the way. He retained the best stager I’ve ever experienced. From small cleanups to bigger issues, he approached me with the utmost respect and pragmatism, all the while getting tasks completed. He kept me apprised every step of the way. Where Bosko really hit his home run though was in representing me as the seller with other agents. The evening of the sale was led by Agent Bosko with focus and a very methodical approach. He kept me out of emotional waters and paying attention to what was important. He truly is a caring and humane professional with a deep knowledge of his business. Thank you Bosko from the bottom of my heart for a job beautifully executed. I cannot recommend you highly enough!

By: Carly P & Cal B.

Bosko was such a pleasure to work with while we were searching for our first home. His industry knowledge and expertise was extremely helpful in ensuring that we were going to be happy with our purchase in the long run. He listened to our wants, needs, thoughts and concerns throughout the entire process, and always went the extra mile to provide us with great service. Bosko is very hard working and loyal to his clientele, he even showed us 12 homes in one day! He gave us great advice as first time buyers, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone!

By: Carly P. and Cal B.

Bosko was such a pleasure to work with while we were searching for our first home. His industry knowledge and expertise was extremely helpful in ensuring that we were going to be happy with our purchase in the long run. He listened to our wants, needs, thoughts and concerns throughout the entire process, and always went the extra mile to provide us with great service. Bosko is very hard working and loyal to his clientele, he even showed us 12 homes in one day! He gave us great advice as first time buyers, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone!

By: Olga A.

I have been working with Bosko for about 10 years. During this time Bosko helped me to buy, sell, and to rent. While I was renting out my house Bosko was always there for me whenever I needed any advice or had any tenant-landlord issue to resolve. Recently Bosko helped me to close another transaction which involved quite a difficult tenant. Bosko managed to handle the client and overall situation with remarkable professionalism, integrity, tact and the proper urgency. As a result the issues were successfully resolved and everything happily finalized to everyone’s satisfaction, in a timely manner, thanks to Agent Bosko. Bosko makes you feel like a family, and gives his best to every singular interaction. I keep recommending Bosko to all my friends as a reliable, responsible, friendly, knowledgably and highly professional real estate agent, who is always a pleasure to deal with.

By: Jack Ilios

Bosko, a big Thank You for all your guidance and support over the last few months while I have been searching for a successor for the business. I trust your opinion and advice as if you were family and appreciate all your help. It has been wonderful watching you grow, both personally and professionally over the many years we have known each other. I wish you much happiness and all the best in future endeavors.

By: Sheila & Frank Galloro

For all the agents that have come and gone, We now only deal with one. From far and wide, He’ll never hide. Weather in Greece or Spain, There will be no pain. Agent Bosko will be a call away, To seal the deal right away.

By: Pat and Chelsea A.

We have now completed two transactions with Agent Bosko in the space of a few months, both as a buyer and as a seller. In each case, Agent Bosko was always responsive, caring, and hard working while maintaining the highest levels of integrity and professionalism throughout the complete process. On top of all that, Agent Bosko sold our property for more than we expected in less than a week! Agent Bosko has become our agent of choice - we will use him exclusively for all our future realty needs. We recommend you do as well!!

By: Sandra T. G.

The first challenge that Agent Bosko helped solve was the recent complex assignment of a unique luxury condominium that had appeal to a small subset of real estate buyers. The condominium had been listed before and had not sold even in a robust market. I had the good fortune of being introduced to Agent Bosko who took over the reins immediately. Through Bosko’s very intuitive matchmaking, the condo was quickly assigned with both seller and buyer very satisfied. Bosko’s biography on his website understates most of his skills and characteristics. He is unique in a field that is rife with poor service. Bosko’s signature traits are the trust he is able to quickly build, his integrity in the face of all obstacles and his enduring professionalism. Bosko is very commercial yet non judgmental when the emotion of selling real estate creeps into the process. He is always unflappable with an easy sense of humor that takes the stress out of the situation. Very importantly for me given that I travel frequently is that Bosko simplifies. On his client’s behalf he is organized and logical. Always one step ahead. You can count on Bosko to have your back in getting you to your goal. Bosko also has a roster of excellent service providers to refer clients to from lawyers to mortgage brokers to concierges to help you move. It is a full service experience. I highly recommend Bosko. He is now our go-to agent. In a matter of months after he helped us with the assignment of our condominium unit, we have used Bosko to quickly source the perfect condo downtown for a millennial child and he is currently working to secure a leased condo for another. Bosko unwaveringly applies his best in class approach to all clients, no matter how big or small.


We were very pleased to have met Agent Bosko through this first transaction, where he acted for both, seller and buyer. He handled everything with integrity, the proper urgency, and professionalism. Both sides of the transaction knew Agent Bosko was operating fairly. I know that for all our future real estate transactions, Agent Bosko will become our representative of choice!


Clever. Classy. Thoughtful. Wealth of Experience. Throw in ridiculously good looking and you have my Realtor and maybe yours ! Bosko Scepanovic ladies and gentlemen. Amazing market magic


You know that couple on Green Acres… “Land spreadin’ out so far and wide Keep Toronto, just give me that countryside. I adore a penthouse view Dah-ling I love you but give me (High) Park Avenue” You get the idea, well that was us. Agent Bosko had the task of finding us a place to love…twice!! We searched and searched inside the city, and out. The first time I got my beautiful city condo, but with an unobstructed view of a park that very few people have in a city, so Nick was happy, and I was happy. Nick actually started liking the idea of not having to shovel snow, or the fact that his car was always in a covered, heated spot. I loved all the windows, the sunsets, the chance to decorate a blank canvas and make it ours. A concierge, A pool, A guest suite. What’s not to love?! We lived there happily for 6 years and even though we loved it, we felt that we had outgrown it. Nick really needed a place to keep his boat and I needed more storage for my Le Creuset collection. So we called Agent Bosko again. This time to sell the condo, which he did, bringing us one of the top grossing prices for a condo in that building. Next, figure out where we were going to move. We had no idea. We had started driving outside of Toronto, seeing if any area stuck a chord. We saw a new build that we loved the layout of, but we were unsure of the area. We were very excited about it, and probably would have made a big mistake and bought that house if Bosko had not stepped in. Bosko used his vast resources and network of professionals to narrow down potential areas for us. We drove to places I had never heard of. We stopped at coffee shops, and fish and chips joints to really check out the neighbourhoods and get a feel for them. Bosko asked us questions that seemed to have nothing to do with buying a house but there is always a very specific method to everything he does. We finally chose the area of Brooklin. Not only did we fall in love with our new home, but with the whole street, the local restaurants, the shops and the vast green spaces. Bosko is the house whisperer. He has the patience to wait for the right house to speak even when you have none. If the house seems pretty good and you want to jump on it, he makes you wait for perfect. That’s because he pays attention to you and your needs, and from those crazy questions he asks… I told you he is methodical. He is calm and confident in a negotiation. Thanks to him we now have traded our city condo for another beautiful home. We are breathing in fresh air, but still close to everything we need. We have an actual backyard to enjoy, not just a balcony. We have space for all of our friends and family to be together, not on top of eachother. ALL of my dishes are in the kitchen, and not in the master bedroom closet, I am happy to say. The boat, yup, it’s in the driveway. Thank you Agent Bosko. Long time customers who Bosko takes care of like family


“My work with Bosko conclude with my specific needs and wants fully met, resulting in my complete satisfaction. The most appreciated aspect of our agent/buyer relationship was not only his professionalism and approachability, but his ability and want to to truly listen and hear my needs and concerns. In doing so, we developed an easy, open dialogue to help to define them and ultimately connect with a home that truly resonated with me. I will always be grateful for Bosko’s dedication in finding what for me was my first dream home, and look forward to working together with him on my next home in the future. I highly recommend him.”


We recently sold a condominium downtown Toronto and a house in Richmond Hill and we had the best agent to represent us. His experience, knowledge and attention to details made the sales very easy. Not only that Bosko guided us through the process but also made sure everything was taken care of and all items were covered without us having to get into details. In the process we gained a great friend who we know will be there for us to help next time when we need his help. Thank you Bosko for everything you did for us.

By: John E. S.

I live in British Columbia and the property I wanted to sell was in Toronto. I needed a trusted realtor who will take care of all the details for me in a timely way. A realtor who wasn’t fazed by the pacific time difference and was incredibly organized administratively. A friend introduced me to their realtor Bosko, who I quickly built a trusting relationship with. Through his genuine reassurance Bosko coached me on the best time to sell my property with what was going on in the market and my mortgage details. Although I had to wait a few months to put the property up for sale (best decision ever!) Bosko sold it within 5 days of it being on the market! It wasn’t a straight forward sale. I had multiple tenants, we discovered an unknown cosmetic repair that needed tending too and I was having issues with an aggressive realtor during the sale who was bothering my tenants. Through his diplomacy, friendly and innate take-charge personality, easy availability, astute organizational and administrative skills he took care of everything! He had great contacts for the cosmetic repairs needed and managed everything! My choice to contract Bosko never wavered. To this date I think he should have taken a larger commission as he earned it! I remember the final golden hour of the closing night. He had already got my asking price met and I was ready to sign off on the sale. However, Bosko wasn’t finished yet! He had multiple offers outstanding and I was to wait for any last minute bids. I just wanted to be done with it and accept the asking price, I didn’t want to get caught up in greed. Instead I listened to BOSKO and approximately two minutes before midnight he had closed the sale at $25,000 above asking without conditions. Unbelievable! The whole ordeal put me to tears as the sale relieved a lot of stress and I knew I made the best choice possible for my needs. Agent BOSKO will be getting any other business for future sales and my friends have already heard about him.

By: Mary & Brian F.

I know that I am starting to sound like a broken record when I say “Thank You” for your special care and top of class professionalism in helping Louie and Kara this year with the Big Move. They could not have been in better hands. My gratitude is as great today as it was 6 months ago. Special people like you and the care and special things they do are timeless. This was a big year for you too with the move to Keller Williams! We wish you continued success and a very prosperous 2014! The Christmas Card and Calendar are first class. You take such pride in all that you do! Great success will follow of that we have no doubt!”

By: Kara & Louie P.

“Thank you for all the great advice and being so understanding through this process. We felt like we were in the hands of family where we could trust and be confident that you always had our best interests in your heart. You made this an experience that was enjoyable, even under the stressful times. Thank you again!”

By: Debbie M.

I hired Bosko to sell my existing home which I had grown out of, and help me purchase my new “dream” home within my budget. No small feat, especially in these times of multiple offers and bidding wars. Bosko made some excellent recommendations for some small cosmetic improvements that would help sell my home faster. At first I was skeptical but when my home sold in one day, I was grateful for his expert advice! I was even more skeptical that we would be able to find my “dream” home on my budget. Bosko listened to all of my “must haves” and my “would likes” and found me the perfect home. His awesome negotiating skills and expert understanding of the market meant my offer was accepted by the sellers over all other offers. Bosko is not just a Real Estate Agent extraordinaire, he is my Real Estate Agent for life!

By: Olga & Vitaliy A.

“It is not the first time that we are dealing with Agent Bosko and his team. And we keep coming back to Bosko every time we start thinking about selling or buying a house. Agent Bosko proved to be a real professional in his field. Every time he is able to give us good advice on every aspect of real estate market, whether it is about choosing the right home that would meet our specific needs, setting the correct selling price on the house we are looking to sell or preparing our house for the wider range of potential buyers, etc. In addition, every time when we need some help in preparing for the sale or move, Agent Bosko would recommend the right person to do the necessary work like painting, staging, moving, etc. Working with Agent Bosko you feel well looked after, and every time you ask something or need any assistance, you get it from Bosko himself or the right person on Bosko’s team in a prompt and satisfactory manner. From the very first encounter with Agent Bosko which goes some 10 years back, we do all our property moves with Bosko and his team, and we are very grateful to him for helping us to buy the homes we really love, and to make our investments wisely.”

By: Gina M. & David S.

“About Agent Bosko… What’s to say? What’s not to say about Agent B? Professional. Efficient. Organized. Hardworking. Knowledgeable. Courteous. Friendly. Agent Bosko’s full service approach means we had access to incredible people to help with staging, renovations and securing mortgages. From Open House to Closing Day, Agent B was always available: returning calls promptly and always with a smile in his voice. He turned the anxiety prone events of buying and selling homes into a manageable task by tailoring our purchase and sales to meet our needs, as opposed to his. Agent Bosko is not only a great real estate agent, he is now a good friend. We couldn’t have asked for a better real estate agent.”

By: Pascal P.

Living in a different country 5,000 km away, added an additional layer of complexity, burden and difficulty to my existing responsibilities and hectic life. Communicating and coordinating with tenants, preparing and polishing property for showings with the property manager, lawyers, paperwork, etc!! Bosko not only took care of all these responsibilities for me, he sold the property in only 4 days, with 4 offers on the table, and way above the asking price!! He even arranged to have the funds transferred to me! By the way, did I mention he’s done this for me twice! Go Go Agent Bosko! Couldn’t have done it without you.

By: Vesna & James N.

I wanted to take a moment to send in a letter thanking you for the excellent service throughout the process of our recent purchase. You came not only with a great style and approach, but a wealth of valuable information and insight that gave us a sense of comfort and made the process seamless. Once again thank you, we will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking to make a real estate purchase.


“Bosko is a real pro and a fantastic person to work with. Despite the challenges we had in finding the right place for us, Bosko persevered and made it happen; the right place, the right time, and the right price for buying and selling our properties. Bosko is very knowledgeable of the market, is dedicated to completing the task and above all, has acted with integrity and professionalism in achieving the desired results for us. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. I highly recommend.”


“Bosko was very professional and put us at ease leaving our house in his care for showings while we were overseas. He kept in constant communication with us over interested parties. His advice and professionalism during our negotiations was key in helping us get the deal we wanted!”

By: Gerald M.

From the outset, I was impressed with your innovative strategies and plans for marketing my home. The proof is in the result! Your effort and negotiations on the final sale added greatly to the overall success. I have learned what a difference the real estate agent can make. I can’t thank you enough

By: Peter W. & Sam R.

We are very pleased with the outcome of selling our home with Bosko. We were able to sell for the price we wanted in the time frame we wanted. We highly recommend him for his extensive knowledge of the market, his professionalism and his proven result.”

By: Bonnie & Tony X.

“You have truly amazed us with how you managed to broker this deal. I am convinced that any REALTOR with less skill and experience would have let this one slip away. Thank you – We know we wouldn’t have gotten this far without your knowledge and expertise, and we mean it. Thanks for always going above and beyond. I feel confident knowing that I have you by my side for the next step of the process.”

By: Mona M.

Preparing and selling your home can be one of the most stressful life events. Having a great partner like Bosko made all the difference to ensure it was also a positive experience. Bosko was professional, knowledgeable, and dependable – no question I asked wasn’t answered, and no issue I raised wasn’t dealt with. Thank you Bosko and team for all your hard work!

By: Christine M. & Stephane B.

I’m writing to you today to say thank you for all your hard work in both the sale of our home at Markham Street, and the purchase of our home at Roxton Road. As you know, we were unsuccessful in our first attempt to sell through another agent, and couldn’t be more pleased that you were able to come in with a different and much more successful strategy which resulted in a sale of our home in less than week and for $56,000 over asking price. Your sound knowledge of the Toronto real estate market clearly enabled you to price our home on Markham Street and market it in such a way that we got the price we wanted. Your experience and good instincts also came to bear in our multiple bid bargaining situation, and we are very happy with the resulting sale. As you of course know, we sold before buying our new home, and it is almost a miracle to us that you were able to find us the house on Roxton Road. It is absolutely perfect for our needs, and we can’t thank you enough for helping us decide what to offer, to make sure we were the successful purchaser of the home. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who asks; please feel free to use this letter to show other prospective clients, and let them know they can contact me if they want further details.

By: Dr. Carolyn P.

I am writing to recommend Bosko Scepanovic as a real estate agent. In November 2003 I was hired as an assistant professor in the History Department at York University, to begin in July 2004. I currently teach at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where I have been a homeowner since July 2001. Mr Scepanovic helped me find a wonderful townhouse in Aurora, Ontario within a month. Real estate in Kalamazoo is easily affordable, and I was able to purchase what I consider to be my dream house – an 1880s historic house of over 2,200 square-feet in mint condition – for $140,000 USD. Hence I was anxious about moving to the greater Toronto area (GTA) where I had heard horror stories about high prices and poor conditions. I first decided to shop around for a real estate agent with whom I felt comfortable. I interviewed four agents, and chose Mr Scepanovic, recommended to me by my cousin. Mr Scepanovic helped her purchase a condominium in the Mount Pleasant and Davisville area of Toronto. Mr Scepanovic put me at ease with his friendly manner, good listening skills, and reassurance that I would find something I liked in the GTA. He also did not pressure with questions about what I wanted. Rather he took the time to get to know me, suggested we look at a variety of properties, and explained that purchasing real estate was a process. When I made contact with Mr Scepanovic, we exchanged telephone messages to arrange a time to speak at length about my needs and desires. Because my schedule is hectic and unpredictable, I wrote Mr Scepanovic a long email listing my priorities and concerns. Mr Scepanovic and I decided to target townhouses, semis, and links in the communities north of Toronto, and condominiums in downtown Toronto ranging in price from $225,000 to roughly $270,000. He sent me listings for both of these areas, and I decided to focus on the former. We arranged to meet on a Thursday in Toronto to view some of the properties. The market was moving very quickly, so Mr Scepanovic created a list of properties to view based on my reactions to the listings he sent. We viewed six properties that day, and created an on-going ranked list as we viewed the properties. The next day he arranged for me to look a second time at two properties that I loved. I had to return to Kalamazoo early the next day, but I decided that I wanted to place an offer on one of the properties. It was a townhouse in Aurora, listed for $269,000 . Mr Scepanovic recognized that this townhouse had many qualities that are important to me – space, quiet location, and light. I was able to move quickly on placing an offer because Mr Scepanovic arranged for me to obtain a pre-approved mortgage. I left instructions with the friend with whom I was staying to pass along to Mr Scepanovic. By the time I was back in Kalamazoo that evening, Mr Scepanovic had prepared the paperwork, and was ready to fax it to me immediately. I faxed the signed offer back to him the next morning, and we had a counter-offer from the sellers by the next afternoon. The sellers were unwilling to accept an offer that was lower than their listed price, and Mr Scepanovic worked hard to encourage the sellers to meet me halfway between their listing price and the price I offered. I agreed to their counteroffer, conditional upon house inspection. After the house inspection, we signed all the papers, and agreed upon a closing date of 15 April 2004. I am very pleased with Mr Scepanovic’s services for his personality, professionalism, skill, and service. Mr Scepanovic was kind and patient with me, and took the time to get to know me. He was then able to help me recognize what I wanted in a property. He demonstrated an impressive knowledge about architecture, appliances, fixtures, areas within the GTA, and mortgage rates. He helped me determine what I could afford based on my salary and savings, by working out a monthly budget for me. He provided advice on house and car insurance. Mr Scepanovic was integral to helping me buy the townhouse by encouraging the sellers to reduce their asking price. He also offered referrals for mortgage brokers and housing contractors, and provided me with the complimentary services of a Royal LePage relocation agent. I recommend Mr Scepanovic highly, with no reservations.

By: Ann Smith

Hi, just a note to say thanks for all you have done for us throughout this process. As first time buyers, we had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the purchase of our home. Thank you for providing the answers to many of these and giving us informed advice on the homes that we visited!